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Dates Added: 13.13.13. Shows For US/Canada


Twenty-thirteen marks the thirteenth anniversary of what we ’round these parts like to call The Last Great Classic Rock Album, one slab of plastic and ink labeled Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia. You guys know that one, right?

To celebrate the occasion, and in anticipation of the forthcoming reissue on cd, vinyl and ltd edition vinyl boxset, The Dandy Warhols have a few somethings special up their sleeves, up to and including what warrants my breathless words to you this very day: performance of Thirteen Tales LIVE in its perfect entirety right in front of your face. Yeah, pretty hot, huh?

Study these dates and cities with a map and calculator to determine which would be best for you:

We’re recording 2017. Tour again in 2018.

Because we like you best, we’re giving you the opportunity to purchase these tickets before your neighbors. Follow the link to the TICKET PRE-SALE and pre-sale your way to heaven.

I’ll be bringing you more Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia Thirteenth Anniversary in Twenty-thirteen news in the coming weeks. Unless I’m MURDERED!!




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