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Closing the Book on Distortland Tour

The Dandy Warhols - Liverpool 2016

Welp, that concludes The Dandy Warhols world tour for Distortland. Now, you’d think a vacation or even a nap would be in order, but The Dandy Warhols are already back at The Odditorium recording new tunes; the remainder of 2017 will be a recording year.

We thank you, our friends and family, for coming out to visit with us over the past twelve months. Your continued enthusiastic endorsement of our artist endeavors means all the world to us. Only with friends like you is it possible to do what we do. There’s no way we can thank you other than getting back to work and give you more. Our sincere interminable love to you always.

We have been and ever shall be The Dandy Warhols.



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