Author: Courtney Taylor-Taylor

This is the original Autotune® sound, by the way.  I was looking for a good example before but just couldn’t think of nor find one.

Today this showed up on my “you might like” YouTube box. Wtf?  Um….okay.

Well here it is: the sound that threatened some of mankind not much more than a couple weeks ago and prolly still threatens someone today.<   So I still can't think of a song that I've ever loved which employs this effect.  I used it on our version of PRIMARY (The Cure) but ended up taking it off.  Maybe I'll post a mix of it back later. Actually I took it off because it's the first time I've liked the way my voice sounds singing "yelliie guy" style.  Mr Yellsworth.  Yells Yellington.  It doesn't really sound like me.  I love that.   COURTNEY TAYLOR-TAYLOR

The Bandit

“Anything big and dead serious is perfect for comedy.  The bigger the target and the more it takes itself seriously the better.”  –  Bill Coker (retired director)

My neighbor was the 1st asst director on the Smokey and the Bandit movies and we were discussing the personal nature of what people think is brilliant comedy when that gem came out of his mouth.


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