Hey.  Since the tragic news of Mr. Jackson’s passing yesterday, we here at The Odditorium have been besieged with requests of the status of  The Dandys’ cover of The Beatles’ “Blackbird”, as foretold, and some would say, fore-promised (that’s probably not a word), in the title track of our 2003 album Welcome To The Monkey House.  Please note that this was not an anticipated event and we had no cover of “Blackbird” all rearin’ to go.  I mean, how could we?  With both Courtney and Fathead currently out of town we cannot say when we will be able to get to this cover of “Blackbird”, but we will, as soon as we are all together and able, since we have come to find that it means so much to a lot of you.

We thank you for your continued love and patience. Much love back, on behalf of The Dandy Warhols and all of us here at the Odditorium in Portland.




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