Tour Photo: Zurich

Zurich Switzerland. I love that dude on the right with the thumbs up pose.


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FUN: Bowling for Mattress

Bowling at Mattress’sss birthday party a few years ago. It was a hell of a night. I’m pretty sure Mattress won every game. He could go pro.


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This Cool Jesus Video

Hi. My name is Brent. I play the drums for The Dandy Warhols.

I found this video on the world wide web and thought I would share it with the good folks who visit our website. Someone somewhere took our video for “This is the Tide” and replaced the music with “Hard on for Jesus.” Now we have three videos for one song (“This is the Tide”) and two songs for one video (“Jesus” and “Tide”).

Wow! My head is spinning! The wonders of modern technology I’ll tell ya…..


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Fathead Solo Project in Australia

Hey, I am down here in Melbourne. My band Immigrant Union has a residency every Thursday night in February at The Tote, 71 Johnson street in Collingwood. You should come down, it will be great.


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