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Courtney Thinks You Should Be Made Aware Of These People, Places and Things

Devo. This was probably thee band of my life‎. Until the Dandys. They were even cooler than I knew. God I love the youtubes.

I particularly love their jealousy and ridicule of the “normal” middle class and rednecks. They are from Ohio so it makes al lot of sense now.

Incredible amount of thought in these videos. Bursting with ideas and energy and hot geek sexuality.


Dance This Mess Around click to watch video on youtube.com

Perfect art pop project. This really makes me want a time machine. The dude who posted these said a friend of his owned this cafe which is cool.

52 Girls click to watch video on youtube.com

He also mentioned that this is just before their first record came out.

Rock Lobster click to watch video on youtube.com

At the end Fred says something and then says “I’m a waiter”. Classic. Uh, yeah. Not for long, Fred.


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