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Well I tried to think of a great Autotuned® song but I can’t.

Anyhoo I’ve been in Denver for a few days and even went skiing for a half day.  Nice.  Jeez I’m sore.  Well Denver was apparently just recently rated the most liveable city in America by someone who knows.  Puh leeez.  There’s a mall for every neighborhood and they’ve also distributed real big city ghettos so evenly that wheather you’re in a $300,000 or three million dollar neighborhood, you’re always three to eight blocks away from an actual ChicagoDetroitWashingtonDC styley ghetto.  

Here’s the only photo I took:


dude with a unicorn


The Bandit

“Anything big and dead serious is perfect for comedy.  The bigger the target and the more it takes itself seriously the better.”  –  Bill Coker (retired director)

My neighbor was the 1st asst director on the Smokey and the Bandit movies and we were discussing the personal nature of what people think is brilliant comedy when that gem came out of his mouth.



Alright I know how to solve this problem of Autotune® that is tearing this great nation apart.  How about we do some songs with autotune and some without?  Go ahead, call me crazy, because this is the same jibber jabber that comes from the same part of my brain that believes Dallas and Guadalajara are both cities in Texico. Like Austin. Which as soon as we have the technology will be transplanted to Eastern Oregon where it belongs.

This is one of the greatest songs without autotune.  Ever.


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