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😿 Pardon The Mess

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A lot of people (no one) write, “hey Gothman, it seems to me — the untrained ignorant eye of unabashed, unblinking reason — like you people don’t really do anything there at the Odditorium. Y’alls’re just distracting The Dandy Warhols from making new music.”  First off, Imaginary Complaint Provocateur, I have to tell you that it’s HIGHLY offensive to be referred to as “you people”.  It’s 2009, not 1956.  Come on, dude.  Second, we would not classify the following expletive-laden cartoons as distracting in ANY way:

by Scott “Poopie and/or National Hero” Simons, our lighting and nightlife director.

by Gothman, the dude writing this needlessly sarcastic post, coffee drinker.

If you think that sitting around making up, and laughing at, cartoons like these keep us, and the rest of The Dandy Warhols gang, from the important business of curing the world’s ills with NEW Dandy Warhols musical entertainment, then sir, I think I do not think that I want to have much to do with you.

Ramblin Rod


Courtney and Fathead just recorded a few jams live in the studio for KTCL 93.3 Denver’s Garage Session.

It’s airing today at 5:15 pm Mountain Time.

Here’s a LINK to the live stream (supposedly Firefox is not supported)

Read more about Brent and Courtney making the rounds at a host of stations out East (Nyc/Philly/Boston/Providence)


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