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Chateau Taylor-Taylor Presale August 11

Okay, so that RED wine that I survived third-degree burns in my mouth all across America to create is nearly ready.  The presale goes online

[fergcorp_cdt_single date=”Fri, 10 Aug 2012 23:20:00″]

This wine if you’ll remember is designed to bring the old world red wine experience to spicy foods. Something I’ve been hoping for years that someone else would do.

I spent the last tour across the US trying to figure out what and why red wine tends to make spicy go blistering in RED wine.  I ended up getting a lot of help, advice, and experience and finally came up with a blend of two fairly obscure Sicilian grapes that deliver an earth and mineral old world red with a vaguely bright opening bouquet.  Do I sound like an asshole yet?  Well I’m pretty serious about wine so believe me, this is beautiful in the order of older Borolo, Rioja and Bordeaux or even a little Barbaresco except bigger.

You’ll shit.  It’s awesome.




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