There will be a couple of screenings of Dig at the San Francisco Film Festival this weekend. Saturday  April 17th @ 6:30pm AMC Kabuki and Monday April 19th @ 9:00 pm AMC Kabuki. Check it out if you can, Zia will be around, so say hi, if you can.

We Do This For The Dinners


We had an amazing time this week doing what we do best, throwing fancy dinner parties and entertaining out-of-town guests. Our friend David dropped by The Odditorium on Monday (04/12) for a tour and a quick game of pool.. Then it was dinner for David’s band, made for us by our friends at Obo. Unbelievable. After dinner, a little informal All-Star Jam with us and David’s band. They’re amazing, they really are. The show (04/13) at the Rose Garden was over the top. These people are pros. Hats off to David and his friends, drop by anytime.


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While that would have been enough for most rockers, we still had work to do. No, not on our new record (we hear you, we’re gonna get into it), but we had more out-of-towners to entertain. By fate or dumb luck or both, Wednesday (04/14)The StrokesThe Vines, and Jet were all in town. So we said “Hey, c’mon over–you know what the roof looks like.” So, it was Big Rock and Roll Dinner pt. 2. with food by our friends at Colosso, followed by The Vines/Jet show at Roseland, followed by one of those late night rock parties that your mother always warned you about. After the mess was finally cleaned up late Thursday (04/15) afternoon, it was time for The Strokes show at Roseland. Sadly the night before had burned through our twelve cases of free Guinness we received just for being The Dandy Warhols, so no party was held, which is good, because our new smoke-eater was really starting to wheeze. :cough:



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