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Live From The Odditorium Third Stream Added

The Odditorium is awaiting your arrival.

If you weren’t able to attend one of our two live streaming events in your part of the world on December 17th don’t be bummed, we’ve  added one more live stream that will beam direct from The Odditorium at 11pm PST (US).

Head on to stageit.com/TheDandyWarhols to find your perfect time to hang with us live and direct.


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Courtney’s Books: 1775


Well would ya look at that. I’m back in. So as far as I can tell, 1775 was a really long and boring year….so far.
The most interesting part I’m finding is that it gets me to wondering which makes humankind smaller, meaner, uglier, and stupider: politics or religion?

I’m leaning towards religion but as I’m in the South I will sooner or later be confronted with FOX News and that’s always a real scale-tipper on the side of politics making us ugly, stupid, cruel etc.

Don’t they realize that tv is for watching football?

But what do I know.

Ho hum, Happy Thanksgiving everybody.


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CTT: Nosebleeds

Rose Garden

Man I’m in the nosebleeds. We learned on stadium tour that it’s where the party is.


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December 14th Dinner Sold Out, Show Tickets Still Not-Sold Out

TDW Mission 2013 WP Header - Show Only

We’ve sold-out the dinner portion of our December 14th event at Mission Theatre in record time, but we still have spaces for the performance part of the evening: The Dandy Warhols will perform a live score to the following silent films:

Le Ballet Mécanique (1924)
The Very Eye Of Night (1958)
No. 11 Mirror Animations (1956)
Un Chien Andalou (1929)

Tickets are $15 and are available HERE. This is a 21+ event.


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New Track From Peter Holmström/Herman Jolly Project Radis Noir

This is Radis Noir – a new side project from Sunset Valley’s Herman Jolly and our own Peter Holmström. This is the first released track called MIRAGE. You can buy this digital single at AMAZON or iTunes. I suggest you do so!


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New Music: Live At The Mission

Head over to music.dandywarhols.com and see what we’re setting up here with the help of Bandcamp. We’re trying to make it easier for all of our friends to get what they want from us while maintaining control over high costs and all that. Our first offering is LIVE AT THE MISSION (above) film score, recorded live at 2012’s Dinner and Show at the Mission Theater in Portland. The record is just five bucks to download, it’s DRM free, and you can choose your preferred format.

(Do you have tickets for our 2013 Mission performance? Better hurry if you don’t.)

While you’re at music.dandywarhols.com,  you can also pick up the holiday classics “Little Drummer Boy” and “Silent Night” for FREE. Yeah. Just enter $0.00 as the price you pay along with your email address and you’re home free.

Bah bah bah bah bahhhhhh.


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Event Added: Live from The Odditorium December 17

Live From The Odditorium 12/17/13

The Dandy Warhols cordially invite you to two unprecedented events on Tuesday, December 17th, streaming LIVE and direct from the legendary Odditorium.

Visit live with Courtney, Peter, Zia, and Brent as they lead you on a tour of their spacious Portland headquarters, capped off with a special live acoustic performance direct from the Odditorium stage.

These shindigs will be streamed worldwide Tuesday, December 17th via stageit.com; one at 12pm PST and another at 3pm PST. Tickets for online viewing are available for purchase now HERE.

UPDATE: Third stream added. See stageit.com/thedandywarhols for details.


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CTT: Portland vs. Pizza


As you can see from the orangey-red spot right down there near the tip, this is not a “white” pizza, this is supposed to be a normal slice of cheese pie cut in half. I’m finding that not only do small towns tend to like their pizza to be triangles of cheesebread, but so does Portland.

SO IF you are in Portland and like sauce on your pizza, I’ve found that the best I’ve had (so far) is:
Escape From New York Pizza on NW 23rd and Hoyt. It is indistinguishable from Stromboli or St Mark’s style New York slice.


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New Immigrant Union Video “I Can’t Return”

NEW video from Fathead’s Immigrant Union, this is the latest single I CAN’T RETURN. If you’re seeing BRMC this weekend in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, guess what? Immigrant Union will be opening for ’em. Neat, huh?


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Courtney’s Movie Reviews: This Is The End, Turtle.

 This Is The End (2013)

This Is The End


Well its kinda like THE END OF THE OLD AS WE KNEW IT except then it’s super ultra mega.


Turtle (2011)

Turtle: The Incredible Journey


Holy moley you cannot make this shit up.

Movie Review Archive


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