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Contest Winner Announced

The winner of the two tickets to see the Warhols at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland was Peter Walters of Pendleton, OR. Not only did Peter’s photo contain a visual bribe in photos of sexy male models (presumably to sway judges Gothman and Zia), his was the only submission that didn’t contain overt references to rampant drug use. (“We don’t want to reward anyone for that,” Zia laughed.)

Warhols Play Secret Hometown Gig

Billed under their classic pseudonym “Fags Like Us”, The Dandy Warhols played a “secret” set in Portland on Wednesday (06/12/02). Opening for friends Television Eye (featuring Spike Keating, ex of Swoon 23 and Magic Fingers), the band performed a limited set to a small crowd of “the usual Portland scenesters”.

“Come see us tomorrow night, “ Courtney advised the crowd, referring to the upcoming show on Thursday at the Crystal Ballroom. “We’ll play every song we know.”


Fathead’s London Update


hey man, its fathead. You gotta write something cool about us working
with nick. We just walk over here every day from our hotel and start
rocking around 1200 and stay till 2 3 or 4. Its going good. We will be
here for about two more weeks or so so… It is sounding really cool.
Nick is one of the best dudes ever and you have got to mention “Mr.
Tinley” who is doing all the dirty work. Also we are eating healthy and
have been waiting till after dinner to start in on the wine. Nick has
really good taste in wine. Tell everyone hi and write back to us. Hope
all is well…

Nice one gothman

fathead deboer

PS the site looks great and everyone loves the movies.

Portland, Reading & Leeds Dates Added


The Warhols have added dates to their summer excursion, including a hometown show at the Crystal Ballroom and perennial favorites Reading and Leeds. See the SHOWS page for more details.

More from Fathead in London

I wrote back to Fathead, saying:

Nothing’s going on at home. Me and Coates and Pete and Sheeh are going
to see the midnight show for Star Wars, we’re gonna see if there’s
anyone else going. Hope you guys will get to see it there. Do they have
movies in London? Has this technology bit the Brits yet? (Joke.)

Well, the joke was a on me (as per usual), as not only did Fathead and
Taylor get to see the new Star Wars, but two days before the rest of us
losers in Portland. Bah! Foiled again!


It also looks like Fathead has been playing with Photoshop again…
I’m wondering where he got the Windows XP ‘wallpaper’ from–
I thought Nick was a Mac man as well. Suspicious! (05/15/02)


“Notorious” Collaborators

With the main recording for the next Dandy Warhols record at an end, the band now turns its eye to two true musical geniuses for additional collaboration.

Tony Visconti is best known for his work with David Bowie and T.Rex during the 1970s. He has a reunion, of sorts, with Bowie, as producer of of this summer’s Heathen. The Warhols previously worked with Visconti on
the 2000 rendition of Neil Young’s “Ohio”. Courtney and Tony Visconti plan to work together this weekend at Visconti’s base of operations in New York.

Nick Rhodes is a founding member of Duran Duran, one of the most influential bands the past twenty years. A brilliant musician in his own right, Rhodes has also produced work for such bands as Kajagoogoo and Blondie. Courtney plans to meet with Nick in a London studio next week to hash out just what the shape this collaboration will take.

Warhols Summer Plans, Part One

Okay, so we’re done recording the record…so to speak. What do we have planned for this summer? Rather than sitting around Portland making stupid movies, we’re going to Europe. Oh, you’re going to be there too? Cool. Check out our June and July Tour schedules, maybe we’ll meet up.

Meltdown Sellout Frenzy

Tickets for Bowie’s performance with the Warhols (June 29, Royal Festival Hall, London) sold out it less than thirty minutes. Wild.

Warhols Appearing At Bowie’s Meltdown Festival

(from billboard.com) David Bowie has selected a star-studded lineup for the U.K.’s Meltdown festival, including Coldplay, Gorillaz, Suede, Mercury Rev, Supergrass, Pete Yorn, and Badly Drawn Boy. The event, which runs June 12-30 at Royal Festival Hall and Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, will also feature a June 29 performance by Bowie, The Dandy Warhols, and BBCRadio 2 DJ Jonathan Ross.

Date City Venue Country
08/25/17 Vilar de Mouros EDP Vilar de Mouros PT
Time: 8:00pm. Address: Estrada da Ponte. Festival in Portugal with Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream, The Mission, and more. Buy Tickets More information
08/27/17 Portsmouth Victorious Festival UK
Time: 12:00pm. Address: Southsea Seafront. Buy Tickets
09/19/17 Christchurch The Foundry NZ
Time: 8:00pm. Address: 90 Ilam Road. Buy Tickets
09/20/17 Auckland The Powerstation NZ
Time: 8:00pm. Address: 33 Mount Eden Rd. Buy Tickets
09/22/17 - 09/24/17 La Foa Blackwoodstock Arts & Rock Festival NC
Time: 8:00pm. Address: Fort Teremba. Buy Tickets
11/19/17 Hong Kong Clockenflap Music and Arts Festival HK
Time: 8:00pm. Address: Central Harbourfront. Buy Tickets
Tour: XMAS 2017
12/07/17 Troutdale, OR Edgefield US
Time: 6:00pm. Age restrictions: 21+. Address: 2126 SW Halsey St.. Annual Holiday Dinner + A/V Presentation! Buy Tickets
12/09/17 Portland, OR Crystal Ballroom US
Time: 6:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 1332 W. Burnside. All-ages Cowboy Christmas with Federale! Buy Tickets

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