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Rockwave Festival Canceled

This, again, from the band’s manager, Jen:

Sean, There was a change to one of the tour dates. The Rockwave Festival
in Greece wasn’t granted their license, so it was cancelled. And then it
was reinvented as just this big gig in Athens on July 3rd (instead of
2nd). So, now we’re playing with The Cure on the 3rd. Everything else is
still the same. We got to hang out with Robert Smith on Saturday night
at Meltdown…pretty cool. He was a definite highlight, as was playing
with Nina Hagen at the Steelworx Fest. in Luxembourg. Thanks, Jen

Tour Log: First Two Weeks

This comes from The Warhols manager, Jen:

Hey there. How are things with you? We are having an amazing tour. Blew
everyone away at the Meltdown Festival in London Saturday night! The
band did a special 1 hr. set: Be In Mohammad Rave Up Beautiful and
powerful. They played an encore with David Bowie, “White Light/White
Heat,” to a huge crowd. One of those moments no one could forget. Brent
was on congas, Zia on tambourine, Courtney and Pete on guitar. I still
have chills! Coates is working on his journal (Coates Notes?) and taking
tons of photos. Hopefully he’ll find a computer so he can email you
soon…. Thanks, Jen

Warhols, Bowie Cover Velvets at Meltdown

The annual Meltdown Festival, organized this year by none other than The
Dandy Warhols ‘biggest fan’, David Bowie, was, by all accounts, a
smashing success. The culmination of the show was a set by our very own
Warhols, featuring an encore with The Thin White Duke himself. In front
of a crowd which featured the likes of The Cure, Bono, and Brian Eno,
Bowie and The Warhols stunned the crowd with a ‘surprise’ rendition of
the Velvet Underground classic “White Light/White Heat”.

The Dandy Warhols passed yet another milestone Tuesday (07/02/02) as the band honored with their first ever platinum record. The award, for the 2000 release “Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia”, is for sales in the Republic of Ireland. The Warhols reached ‘gold’ status in Ireland in January, 2002, as well as gold in the United Kingdom in December, 2001, and Australia in April, 2001. The Dandy Warhols will be appearing in Ireland at the annual Witnness Festival July 14.

Back To Work for the Warhols

The Dandy Warhols left Portland last Wednesday for a three week swing through some of your better European festivals, including Glastonbury, Parkpop, and David Bowie’s Meltdown Festival. The band will return to Portland for three weeks following Ireland’s Witness Festival in July before venturing back to Europe for more Festival work, including Reading, Leeds, and Lowlands. For more infor on dates, see the SHOWS page.


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