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In the middle of their highly successful (and sold-out) European tour, The Dandy Warhols were notified by international dispatch that their latest record, Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia , had achieved GOLD status for the country of Australia, and was nearing gold in several other countries. Needless to say, the band was flushed with excitement. (Peter even cracked a smile!) Upon hearing the news, the band took a vote: four to one they agreed they would just simply have to tour Australia and pay their devoted Aussie fans back for the honor. (The one hold-out was Troy, who was spooked by rumors of wild dingos.) The dates for these May shows in Australia and New Zealand are posted on the SHOWS page. If you want to help the band get even closer to gold in your country (thhis means you, USA), buy Thirteen Tales at our web store .

The Dandy Warhols

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