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The Warhols received word Friday that their album Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia had reached Gold status in the UK. Released in June 2000, Thirteen Tales standing was undoubtedly aided by the band’s recent reintroduction to the British charts on the strength of the hit single “Bohemian Like You”. The band would like to thank its legions of loyal British followers, without whom this honor would have been impossible.

This is the band’s second Gold Record.

Bowie To Warhols: Well Done, Mates

We received this little bit in the mail the other day:

“Hello Jennifer,
I got your name from our publicist that you manage the Dandy Warhols. I
work for David Bowie out of New York and he asked me to try and get a
message to the band about how pleased he was for them that they had such
a great breakthrough in the UK.
If you could pass this on, we’d really appreciate it.

Courtney’s Top Ten of 2001

1. Our New Record
2. Our New Studio
3. Bohemian Like You
4. My Cadillac
5. Guinevere Van Seenus
6. Zia’s Wedding
8. Pro Tools Digi 001
9. Email
9. Evan Dando and his wife at Ground Zero
10. Having David Bowie have his people contact
our people to congratulate us on the success
of Bohemian Like You

this is my top ten off the top
if you were maybe thinkin that I was going to
tell you the names of ten records worth a shit
from this year then what world do you live in
and where the fuck do I sign up

c. taylor taylor

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