1. Search Party 1. STYGGO
2. Semper Fidelis 2. You Are Killing Me
3. Pope Reverend Jim 3. All The Girls In London
4. Catcher In The Rye 4. Doves
5. Give 5. The Grow Up Song

Courtney Taylor-Taylor
Peter Holmström
Zia McCabe
Brent DeBoer

Guest musicians:
Eric Hedford – drums on “You Are Killing Me”
Dave Schools – bass guitar on “STYGGO”
Matthan Minster – farfisa on “All The Girls In London”

Produced by Courtney Taylor-Taylor +
Mixed by Jim Lowe +
Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk
Recorded by Courtney Taylor-Taylor, Peter Holmström, and Brandon Eggleston +
Recorded at The Odditorium, Courtney’s basements, and Air Traffic Control, Portland, OR

+ Also recorded, produced, mixed by Jeff Bond, Jeremy Sherrer, Count Kellam, Charles Normal, Jake Holmes, and Daniel Firth.

Design & layout: Sean Gothman
Cover photo: Courtney Taylor-Taylor
Band portraits: Scott Patrick Green
Collage photos: Jsun Adams, Erich Bouccan, Sarah Buckley, Brent DeBoer, Peter Holmström, Gareth Jones, Katy Lane, Michele Loew, Zia McCabe, Mike Morgan, Stephanie Neil, Anton Newcombe, Johann Peters, Brian Schwartz, Scott Simons, Duncan Spencer, Courtney Taylor-Taylor, Lockett Taylor, Sean Tichenor.

All Songs by Taylor-Taylor, except “Catcher In The Rye” by DeBoer/Taylor-Taylor, and “Pope Reverend Jim” & “Give” Taylor-Taylor/Zuniga. Published By Dandy Warhol Music (BMI).

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©2017 The Dandy Warhols, Portland, Oregon USA