Tales From Slabtown Vol 2

Promo EP / CAPITOL – DPRO 7087 6 15638 2 5

  1. Hells Bells
  2. Ohio (Rough Mix)
  3. Bohemian Like You (Black Dog Lithium Carbonate 300mg Mix)
  4. Dub Song
  5. Retarded

“Hells Bells” Produced by Eric Gavruluk & The Dandy Warhols
Mixed by Eric Gavriluk
Written by Johnson/Young/Young

“Ohio” Produced by Tony Visconti
Executive Producers Donovan Leitch & Marc Morris
Mixed by Tony Visconti and Jon Berman
Written by Young
As featured in the forthcoming movie and soundtrack THE LAST PARTY – A JSM production

“Bohemian Like You (Black Dog Lithium Carbonate 300mg Mix” Produced by D. Sardy and Courtney Taylor-Taylor
Mixed by The Black Dog
Written by Taylor-Taylor

“Dub Song” Produced by Courtney Taylor-Taylor and Gregg Williams
Mixed by Clark Stiles
Written by Taylor-Taylor

“Retarded” Produced by Courtney Taylor-Taylor and Gregg Williams
Mixed by Sardy
Written by Taylor-Taylor

All tracks previously unreleased
Original version of “Bohemian Like You” appears on the album THIRTEEN TALES FROM URBAN BOHEMIA in stores now.

Vocals/Guitars: Courtney Taylor-Taylor
Guitars: Peter Holmström
Keyboards/Bass: Zia McCabe
Drums/Backing Vocals: Brent DeBoer

Management: Frank Gazzo & Mike Quinn at Monqui

A&R: Perry Watts-Russell
Legal: Peter Paterno

Agency Representation:  Mark Geiger & Steve Furguson at ARTISTdirect, Los Angeles

Band Photo: Nigel Moog
Cover Photo: Brent DeBoer
Layout and Design: Steven Birch @ Servo & Courtney Taylor-Taylor

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©2017 The Dandy Warhols, Portland, Oregon USA