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I was in Cape Cod almost 15 yrs ago at a bar where this old guy Rocky King was playing piano and singing. He told jokes too. I have a very clear image of his hands playing this song. It was so cool it left an impression strong enough that I finally checked YouTube and of course here he is playing it in 2009 at that same bar.

He really is such an amazing pianist. This style is very very cool.


This message is for peoples in Portland only.  If you don’t live in Portland, then go look at this.

So it’s just us guys here, right?  Seems that tonight, on that most infamous block of SW3rd between Burnside and Ankney, we have a couple of things going on you should be made aware of.

Uno:  At Dante’s (1 SW 3rd/$10/21+) tonight, Courtney and Zia will be taking part in Walt Curtis Birthday Party benefit.  Who is Walt Curtis? Walt is is renown poet, author and artist, who most famously wrote a book you may have heard of called Mala Noche, which was, in turn, adapted into a motion picture by our friend, filmmaker Gus Van Sant.  Well, a couple months ago, Walt lost everything he owned – all his books, all his art, everything – in a fire.  Events taking place in Portland this week were set up to help Walt get back on his feet.  Tonight is night two of the benefit, Walt’s Birthday Party at Dante’s, where will will find acts including Zia performing an acoustic set with her side project Brush Prairie, and Courtney will be reading his favorite Walt Curtis poem.  This event is scheduled to run from 8pm-1am.

Dos:  Literally across the street at Berbati’s Pan (231 SW Ankeny/$8/All Ages), Pete International Airport will be making its official debut, playing with the bands The Pharmacy, Cheap Flight, and The Shivas.  Plucky says PIA will be going on at eleven.

(I guess ‘they’ will let you walk back and forth all night, right?  They used to let you, right. Or am I imagining things?)

Another thing:  if you’re in the Pearl late this afternoon, stop by Jinx (232 NW 12) for happy hour.  Zia will be spinning.

Aaaaaand:  If you wanna go to Rontoms (600 E Burnside) on July 4th for 1776, Logan Lynn, and The Hugs, you will be rewarded with a real great time.

Try not to blow your hands off over the weekend.


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