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Hey we’ve got a new single called “Thick Girls Knock Me Out (Richard Starkey)” – if you ask my opinion you should plunk down the $1.29 to buy it on iTunes, maybe we can get a pot of coffee outta the deal.

“Thick Girls” is also available on all the premium streaming services (Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Apple Music, etc), just in case you need it even cheaper than $1.29. Nevertheless play it a lot, put it on repeat, those .004 cents checks really add up 😉

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The Dandy Warhols first new song of 2015 is “Chauncey P. vs. All the Girls in London.” Hit the orange ‘play’ button up there to hear it.

“Chauncey P. vs. All the Girls in London.” will be available for you to purchase soon via (almost) all online outlets.

This is the first Summer 2015 show we can reveal: August 1st The Dandy Warhols are at Standon Calling Festival in Hertfordshire (UK). Tickets are already on sale, boy scout.

We’re recording 2017. Tour again in 2018.

More summer shows in your future? Obviously!



The record industry just announced that Friday is the new official release day worldwide. To pay homage, we decided to release our single “Chauncey P vs All the Girls in London” – you can hear it and buy it online at almost all your favorite outlets, including:

iTunes: itun.es/i6Lf6wS
Amazon Music: amzn.to/1Eq5k5L
Google Play: goo.gl/umAoXC
Spotify: bit.ly/TDW-GIL-Spotify
Rdio: rd.io/x/QJ9zPhfUoA/
Rhapsody: bit.ly/TDW-GIL-Rhapsody

Buy it a bunch of times, sure, why not.


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