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Whirled Piece

Alright, enough fun and games, this album title biznass is muy serio. Forget all about Shitty Shitty Bang Bang.  That was RJ’s dumb idea. I dont know how I fell for that one. Nor the other one which Sarah Jane had foisted upon me in a drunken fog. The real name is a western name, cuz this here is gonna be a spaghetti western record.

See, Spindrift and Gram Rabbit started it, Federale continued it , and someone just told me that Jack White and Danger Mouse are gonna make a spaghetti western record now too.  So guess what…. Our whole theme is now guns in the deep Southwest!  Lawless trigger-happy badboys of movie legend. It’s called Whirled Piece and it’s about how they could all spin those heavy old sixguns on their finger really well. Imagine all the practice, the alone time, the determination.

Well here’s kinda what I’m thinkin’:

Whirled Piece.




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