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All The Money or La Dolce Vita Honey

As Dandy Warhols, we like to take a different approach to Christmas: a little more Old World and a lot more jaunty. Take Italy. Their holiday season is comparable in length to the common American holiday season, but with its baked eel and lumps of coal and mash-ups with what we think of as Halloween traditions – La Befana the Epiphany witch, children in costumes going from door to door for treats – it seems a hell of a lot more festive than a fat man whipping flying deer to bring you an iPhone, doesn’t it? We are on a mission to convince Christendom that Italy does it best. But these things take time; Rome wasn’t bilked in a day. Easing into the task we commence this year with our annual Christmas shows with the introduction of a sliver of sunny Italy to the Northwest’s dreary environs. Just a taste, a Fellini twist on the usual Dandys holiday performance, with shows on December 11th at Nuemos in Seattle and December 12th and 13th at Portland’s Wonder Ballroom.  Ticket link on Wednesday.





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