Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia

June 12, 2000 (UK) / August 1, 2000 (USA)
Capitol Records CDP-5778

  1. Godless
  2. Mohammed
  3. Nietzsche
  4. Country Leaver
  5. Solid
  6. Horse Pills
  7. Get Off
  8. Sleep
  9. Cool Scene
  10. Bohemian Like You
  11. Shakin’
  12. Big Indian
  13. The Gospel


Vocals/Guitars: Courtney Taylor-Taylor
Guitars: Peter Holmström
Keyboards/Bass: Zia McCabe
Drums/Backing Vocals: Brent DeBoer

Produced by Courtney Taylor-Taylor and Gregg Williams except “Get Off” produced by Sardy & Taylor-Taylor

Mixed by Dave Sardy; except “Cool Scene” and “Shakin” mixed by Clark Stiles
Additional production: Sardy
Post Production and sequencing: Stiles
Mastered by George Marino @ Sterling Sound, NYC

All Slide Guitars: Troy Stewart
Trumpet on “Godless” and “Cool Scene”: Eric Matthews
Trumpet on “Mohammad”: Vince di Fiore
Strings and Tremolo Guitars on “Get Off”: Anton Newcombe
Vocal Harmonies on “Sleep”: Jacob Arnold
Upright Bass on “Country Leaver” and “Sleep”: Phil Baker
Organ on “Cool Scene”: Joe Kaczmarek
Organ on “Bohemian Like You”: Erik Gavriluk
Scratches on “Shakin'”: D.J. Swamp
Addtional Vocals on “Shakin'” and “The Gospel”: Meg Bobbitt

Design and Layout by Steven Birch @ Servo and Courtney Taylor-Taylor
Cover photo by Brent DeBoer

All songs by Taylor-Taylor except “The Gospel” by Holmström and Taylor-Taylor
Published by Dandy Warhols Music/Chrysalis Limited, UK

©2000 The Dandy Warhols

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©2017 The Dandy Warhols, Portland, Oregon USA