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CTT: Bubbles Burst

“He never had a kid, and never owned a gun. He owned a lot of books, though, and kept buying new ones, and giving me those he thought were particularly well done. It was an ordeal for him to find this book or that one, so he could read some particularly magical passage aloud to me. Here’s why: His wife Aunt Raye, who was said to be artistic, arranged his library according to the size and color of the volumes, and stairstep style. So he might say of a collection of essays by his hero H. L. Mencken, “I think it was green, and about this high.”

–Kurt Vonnegut

Thanks to Max at the Vonnegut Library for the quote. They’re raising dough for their 2018 program, give up some.


I was in Cape Cod almost 15 yrs ago at a bar where this old guy Rocky King was playing piano and singing. He told jokes too. I have a very clear image of his hands playing this song. It was so cool it left an impression strong enough that I finally checked YouTube and of course here he is playing it in 2009 at that same bar.

He really is such an amazing pianist. This style is very very cool.


Well this is sure depressing. And such great writing‎ that seems wasted. Really like ok, shitty book you don’t wanna read spoiler his wife, his son, and his dad die. So he gets in a 1930s automobile to go on a trip and shit gets actually worse. And these are the parts that aren’t boring. It’s either depressing or boring. The whole time. But also the whole time incredibly beautiful and lyrical.

Bummer. I did a lot of skimming.


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