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Courtney’s Books: Spartan

I keep trying but how many times can I do this to myself. Its like a teenager wants to be a writer and has lots of support from some grownups.

I found it hard to write background information into a story without blatantly having one character turn to another and just say “hey Jeff, ya know you and have been friends for 17 years now and we met when I found you in the street doing blah blah blah” and that kind of ham-fisted crap. Well that’s only one of those. I’m horrified by the opening sentence as well. He actually refers to the main character as “the spy”. As in: “the spy sat in the dark, watching the open field”. Or whatever. And the opening line is “are you sure I won’t be killed today?”.

I’ve made it 3 pages into this thing and after several attempts I have to admit defeat. I unfortunately am not twelve years old so I cringe at stuff like this. I guess I’m also just not a big enough man for this kind of writing either.

Dammit, I’m out of books and there’s still six more days of tour and a 17 hour flight.




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