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Courtney’s Books: Luciano’s Luck

I’ve actually read two other books between this and my last book posting. Both were amazing and very different from each other and I’ll tellya about em later.

So this one is about Pattons ousting of the Nazis from Italy in WWII. So the question is how did they do a month of hacking their way from the landing on the sicilian coast to Palermo in just one week? Well it was because of the sicilian Mafia. And how did they get them to help? Well it turns out that the mobster Lucky Luciano (who was then serving 30-50 in some new york state prison) was seen not only with the US military high command on several occasions but also in the white house with the president of the United States.
This is a really cool story and Jack Higgins is a great writer of action and intrigue. The first 60some page though are pretty dumbed down and I really had to cringe my way through to the good part. I’m on page 90 or so now and his writing style is getting a lot clearer so hopefully I’m home free for the 240 ish pages til the end.




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