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Here is Emerson Newton-John’s Race car. He was kind enough to show his support of The Dandys in his race in Baltimore and we think his sponsor is a worthy cause for you to look into.

Pink and Blue for Two (PB42) is a cancer awareness campaign that links the strikingly similar statistics between breast and prostate cancers, while urging couples to remind one another to visit their doctors regularly for screenings. They emphasize the importance of early detection of BOTH breast and prostate cancers equally. Pink and Blue for Two unites people everywhere in the pursuit of global breast and prostate cancer awareness, and to spread the work together in the importance of early detection.

Now if he would only let me try out his car. I love this guy.


I had a 1966 Cadillac Sedan Deville that I had bought just a little after we released Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia. It was huge. One of the longest cars ever made. 19 feet 8 inches if I remember right. It fit eight people easily. It had five ash trays. It was the most perfect car I ever owned.

For the Horse Pills video we decided to pile eight people into the car and basically have a raging party while I drove down I-5 and 405 in a circle around Portland. We turned the camera on and just passed it around the car taking turns filming. Looking back I’m thinking it might have been a bit dangerous but we were young and carefree. The video is a document of one of the best periods of my life. To me it works as an extension to the video for Bohemian Like You that was mainly filmed in my Rock Dorm apartment and my two favourite neighbourhood bars featuring most of my favourite people. It feels like one of those nights when we would all leave Slabtown and pile into my Caddy and head across town. It’s a great low budget DIY video that just works.


These are my relatives with whom I stay twice a year (only spring and fall because of humidity) and basically just do this. They live outside Jackson Mississippi. A week before tour I noticed that we had a day off in Jackson so of course I had to hook it up. I couldn’t believe that I got to bring most of my closest friends there on tour this year. Crazy. What a day.

Video by Fathead.


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Tour: NYC FEB 2018
02/23/18 New York, NY Highline Ballroom US
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02/25/18 Brooklyn, NY Warsaw US
Time: 8:00pm. Address: 261 Driggs Ave. Tickets 1/12/18 10am EST Buy Tickets
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